Association for Latin Liturgy

Under the patronage of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.
Founded in 1969 to encourage and extend the use of Latin in the liturgy of the Catholic Church.

The Roman Church has special obligations towards Latin . . .
and she must manifest them whenever the opportunity presents itself.





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Latin Liturgy
 (ALL Journal)

Pope Benedict XVI



Solemn Mass in Hertford, May 2014

Aims of the ALL

The Association was founded in September 1969. Its aims are:

  1. to promote understanding of the theological, pastoral and spiritual qualities of the liturgy in Latin;

  2. to preserve the sacredness and dignity of the Roman rite;

  3. to secure, for the present and future generations, the Church's unique inheritance of liturgical music.

The Association believes that its objectives are most likely to be achieved by frequent celebrations of the Mass in Latin in the Ordianry Form of the Roman rite, to which the majority of the laity are accustomed, while many are dissatisfied with the shortcomings of much current liturgical practice. The Bishops of England and Wales recognized the Association in 1970 as an approved Catholic Society, and in 1975 Pope Paul VI conferred on it the Apostolic Benediction.

Enquiries to: The Chairman, Christopher Francis, 16 Brean Down Avenue, Bristol BS9 4JF - email.


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